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Liquid Ink Hydrographics can transform almost any surface - glass, metals, plastic, hard woods, tile and more - with a  continuous pattern over even highly involved shapes, and turn them into beautiful, high quality and unique finished items to match your vision.

Liquid Ink Hydro is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in personally hand-dipping each piece that is received. Our goal is to completely enhance the appearance of your custom projects with our Hydrographic Water Transfer Printing technology. Our state of the art facility has the ability to produce remarkable results. We provide many advanced options for those looking to bring their custom designs to the next level.

Bill Henry Jr.

Bill Jr. has had a passion for customizing cars since a young age.  Attending car shows and spending the weekend at the race track continues to be a big part of his creative visions.

Bill Henry Sr.

Bill Sr. has a passion for business, while starting and running many successful businesses in his past. This has given him the knowledge to propel Liquid Ink to the forefront of the hydrographic printing industry.

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